​​Track Record of Success

Boutique Consulting Firm

   Boutique bank consulting firm had a strategic growth objective to “crack the code” and acquire new banking clients among  the top 50 US banks.   The firm needed to expand beyond its West Coast market segment where it  was primarily focused for more than 15 years. They wanted to go national;  they wanted to work  with larger banks; and they wanted bigger more lucrative project assignments that would  showcase their  “delivery excellence” consulting  capabilities.  In  5+ years the  firm acquired new marquee banking  clients and  grew their annual bank consulting  revenue base from $1MM in 2001 to more than $27+MM by yearend  2006.   A very  proactive business development campaign enabled the firm to acquire such new clients as US Bank, Fifth Third Bank, BNY-Mellon, M&T Bank, BB&T, Wachovia, and SunTrust. 

Mid-tier General Management Consulting
   In less than 24 months, BES helped a mid-tier  general management consulting   firm expand  their client base into the banking sector for the first time by selling major consulting  projects to Regions Bank,  Royal Bank of Canada’s US affiliate bank (RBC Bank) and Synovus Financial Corporation.

Global Consulting Firm

   A global consulting firm achieving  approximately 35%+ annual revenue growth for the past 3 years, hired BES to support  more proactive business development efforts focused on the top 50 US Banks.  In less than 4 months a major seven figure Risk Management, Compliance project contract was signed with one of the largest  Top 20 US Banks.

Boutique Marketing Consulting Firm

   Boutique marketing consulting firm was concerned that more than 90% of their annual consulting revenue was derived from only 1 top 15 US Bank.  The founding partners  knew they had a compelling set of capabilities and story to tell; however, they were consumed with delivery commitments with their current banking client.  They hired BES to develop and implement a concerted, proactive business development plan to acquire new top 50 US banking clients.   Within the first year, BES facilitated more than 36 sales meetings among  12 of the top 50 US Banks. A significant pipeline of qualified consulting opportunities was developed resulting in sold work to US Bank and  BB&T.

Boutique Technology Bank Solution Provider

   A boutique technology bank solution provider  hired BES to support its ambitious growth objective to  triple the size of its company in 5 years.  Mission accomplished in less than 4 years as the company--with BES support--acquired major banking clients and  ultimately  grew its install base from 5000 bank branches to more than 15,000 by yearend 2016. 

Mid-tier Payment Solution Provider
   Within a 15 month timeframe, BES supported an aggressive new  client  acquisition program to support  a mid-tier payment solution provider company’s strategic growth objectives that would ultimately result in the sale of the company within 24 months.  Two new client acquisitions, among the Top 30 US Banks provided  excellent momentum  and was a major factor that culminated in the sale of the company in 2012.

Boutique Wealth Management Consulting Firm

​   In less than 1 year this firm is on track to more than double its 2016 total revenue as a result of a more proactive, aggressive direct selling campaign that has built a more robust pipeline of qualified consulting opportunities among major US Wealth Management businesses.